About Us

Our Philosophy - Ayubowan* And Welcome!

ISLAND GIRL offers you all you need when exploring paradise, the sun, the beach, and the sea.

We bring you the best and newest in Accessories & Things and promote a healthy lifestyle that accompanies you on this fulfilling journey.

Our aim is to build a strong and independent lifestyle-label made by and for strong individuals... those tropical souls who wish to discover more and get closer to nature, their true self and their roots.

This is a journey to paradise and much more. 

Our promise is to provide you with what you need on your next adventure in paradise. Ready for take-off? Then join our tribe and become an Island Girl/Boy.

Keep spreading love & positivity - “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”.

[*] (Sinhalese) Salutation wishing the recipient a long life, typically as a greeting or good-bye.