Ayubowan Sri Lanka!

ISLAND GIRL a leading empowering Austrian fashion brand is now announcing its launch in Sri Lanka.

The founder, Demi Lewis, was born in Sri Lanka and raised in
Vienna, Austria. The idea for ISLAND GIRL was first introduced in 2016, and was launched in 2018 in Austria, focusing on products with a unique twist made to be rebellious and shiny at the same time. Today Demi is proud to
introduce accessories and clothing that speaks out the desire to
resonate a successful, strong and independent lifestyle-label
representing her heritage and herself. ISLAND GIRL embodies the
beauty of women in all their curves and flaws.

ISLAND GIRL is something bigger than just a brand, it's about
empowering women, and thanks to all the beautiful women who
helped us go an extra mile, now Sri Lankans will be able to purchase
our exclusive collection at THE DESIGN COLLECTIVE Shop at 28
Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6 and also through the online shop. 

"I am trying to bring this journey, that I've experienced abroad, back to
my community, where I come from. So, it's about never forgetting
your roots, and knowing who you are". Says Demi Lewis.

With embracing and accentuating details, ISLAND GIRL is dedicated
to give you the best experience ever. It focuses on inclusivity and
helping people to indulge in the joy of their own identity. It's a brand
for everyone, regardless of one’s gender, class, or sexuality, ISLAND
GIRL serves them all.

This is a journey to paradise and much more. Join us!