Sustainability & Responsibility

For The People & For The Planet

Our Apparel

We provide you with high quality apparel in the most responsible and ethical way.

SUSTAINABILITY is a major focus point when it comes to our brand mission. 

Our suppliers of the textile branch are valuable key-players, providing us with sustainably and ethically sourced material. It is a long path from the field to the final product, our partners ensure every step of the complex supply chain with the highest level of responsibility.

When it comes to our textiles - 



  • GOTS
  • Oeko-Tex
  • Fair-Wear
  • Peta approved Vegan

Our BOYFRIEND OVERSIZED UNISEX T-shirt in Natural Raw is made using undyed, 100% organic cotton. It reflects the true colour of the cotton plant itself. The fabric is textured with tiny specks of the original plant, including seed particles.

Staying CONSCIOUS ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT is the key. This is what keeps us pushing for new sustainable initiatives and greener solutions. 

We are still on a long path to sustainability - our aim is to become better with every small step towards sustainability - SMALL STEPS, BIG CHANGE.

Our Packaging

We use ECO-FRIENDLY & sustainable packaging since 2019.

When shipped directly from Austria to EU countries - we use re-used boxes and tissue paper for 99% of your orders - we guarantee this sustainable practice with a "I AM A REUSED BOX" sticker on the packaging.

Our high-quality stickers are FSC Certified, Acid Free Paper and Soy-based Inks.

Our custom packing tape is 100% Recycled FSC, Water-Activated and Soy-based Inks.

99% of our other marketing materials (flyers, postcards etc.) are based on 100% eco-friendly, recycled paper.

Sustainability & Responsibility doesn't end here, we are still working on becoming better towards building healthy environmental practices with greater respect for the planet by respecting the nature.

If you have any suggestions and recommendations, if you have any partners that value our vision and path to sustainability, our planet and a healthy life cycle and you think they might be a great fit to work with us, please share your input with us: