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Sustainability & Responsibility

Our path to sustainability & responsibility

Sustainability knows no gender, and since launching ISLAND GIRL it’s concept was to create a clothing and accessories brand for those whose style falls in the in between. Fashion is all about self expression and to make it clear, unisex fashion doesn’t only mean earth tones or shapeless silhouettes. Our brand is an inventory for all those who want to get creative without having to be categorized under the two genders merchandised in stores. ISLAND GIRL is described as simple, timeless and responsible, designed for everyone and available to everyone. Sustainability is the future of genderless fashion, that’s why ISLAND GIRL only uses fabrics and organic materials that keep our environment and your body safe.

Staying conscious about our environmental impact is the key. Our mission is to keep pushing for new sustainable initiatives and greener solutions. Our suppliers of the textile branch are valuable key-players.
99% of our other marketing materials (flyers, postcards etc.) are based on 100% eco-friendly, recycled paper.

Certified by various standards, and the best ! to prove that we only provide good quality material that will last and to take care of our planet committing to non toxic materials. Fabric and style is our driving force and not its gender division.

We use ECO-FRIENDLY & sustainable packaging since 2019. Our custom packing tape is 100% Recycled FSC, Water-Activated and Soy-based Inks.

When shipped directly from Austria to EU countries – we use reused boxes and tissue paper for 99% of your orders – we guarantee this sustainable practice with a “I AM A REUSED BOX” sticker on the packaging