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Tabrobane Atelier

Embark on an exciting chapter of creativity as ISLAND GIRL takes a groundbreaking step with the establishment of our very own sub brand, Tabrobane Atelier. Committed to fostering and showcasing the immense talent within Sri Lanka, our atelier serves as a collaborative space for local artists, illustrators, and creatives to bring their visions to life. This innovative move not only reinforces our dedication to supporting the thriving artistic community but also allows us to curate a collection of lightweight, unisex, certified, 100% cotton t-shirts that bear the unmistakable mark of Sri Lanka’s vibrant cultural heritage. By opening our Tabrobane Atelier, ISLAND GIRL extends an invitation to fashion enthusiasts to indulge in pieces that are more than just garments—they are a celebration of the island’s artistic brilliance, co-crafted by our brand and the visionary talents contributing to our atelier. Elevate your style and be part of this creative journey where fashion meets art in the heart of ISLAND GIRL’s Tabrobane Atelier.